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Poll: Summer Reads and Reviews

graduationMy college graduation is on Saturday, and as such I expect to be quite busy in the next few days. Although my goal was to post something to this blog every day, I’m not sure if that will happen over the weekend and into early next week because of graduation and then moving back home. So, I decided to leave a poll of sorts for anyone who comes across my blog:

What books should I read and review this summer?

This is the list of unread books I currently have or would really like to get. Leave a comment or two with your opinions as to what you’d like to see reviewed from this list, other suggestions you think I might enjoy, or any other comments for me.

Thanks for your input, and I’ll be back sometime after I walk across the stage and get my diploma!!!

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  • Becca May 16, 2008, 2:26 am

    The only book on this list that I’ve read is Love in the Time of Cholera and I definitely DO NOT recommend it. I only got through half of it before I was bored to tears and had to put it down and make a run for it. To make this a little clearer: It’s only about 400 pages long and I was reading it as a captive audience on a 14 hour flight. Still couldn’t finish it. But hey, maybe I just have terrible taste. After all, Oprah liked it.

    Um, so after that little rant. I do think Chocolate sounds good and so does Into the Wild (it’s been on my list forever). Oh and Geraldine Brooks is supposed to be amazing. That book March sounds SO interesting.

  • Kim May 18, 2008, 3:48 pm

    Into the Wild has been on my list forever too, and not just because of the movie 🙂 I heard about March from a different blog I subscribe too, and I think it would be fun especially since I remember enjoying Little Women when I was younger.

  • Rebecca Reid June 24, 2008, 11:31 pm

    You’ve probably made up your mind by now, but I really liked March. (read or reread little women first if you have time.)