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Monday Tally

monday tag 150px My favorite non book related blog is Office Tally, a fansite for the NBC show The Office. Each week Office Tally does a weekend tally — a collection of links and stuff related to the office that’s happened over the weekend. Inspired by that, I’ve decided that I’m going to start a Monday Tally, which will be a post each Monday of the links and articles I’ve found particularly interesting over the last week. I tend to read a lot of things on health, politics, and books, and so this might be a good way to put that together for anyone that’s interested. Normally, I’m going to try to organize them by topic and include a little description of what each is about, but since I just thought of it this week is going to be a little short.

  • “On A Short Leash” — Slate deputy editor David Plotz, and his wife, journalist Hanna Rosin, try to emulate the lifestyle of Buddhist couple that has, for the last 10 years, lived without going more than 15 feet apart from one another. For 24 hours, Plotz and Rosin experiment with the idea and write about their experience doing so. I like this piece because it’s a mini-version of the type of investigative/living journalism I’d love to do.
  • Writing the ‘Quintessential’ Book Review: ‘An Irresistible Story’ of Googling” — Emre Peker of The Millions writes about Googling to discover some of the most common phrases and ideas used in book reviews. It was a funny post, especially given that I’ve just gotten into writing book reviews.

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