Sunday Salon: Twilight on audio book

by Kim on January 18, 2009 · 26 comments

The Sunday Salon.comEveryone and their brother has already reviewed or read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, so I’m not going to post a long review myself.  Instead, I want to write a little bit about listening to the book on audio book, something I’ve never done before.

Over Christmas, I had a discussion with my sister and cousin about the benefits of audio books.  My cousin drives a lot for her job, and said she liked audio books because they helped pass the time.  I walk a lot when I am in Madison — I don’t have a car — so I thought an audio book might be good for that time.  My cousin suggested Twilight because the book is so light (and repetitive) that if you zone out and miss a bit, you haven’t missed much.

On those accounts, I have to agree.  There isn’t anything deep or complicated about Twilight, which is what made it a good audio book for me.  I listened to it in the car while driving and while cleaning and doing dishes around my house — short spurts of time when there isn’t much else I can do, but need some sort of noise or amusement to keep me sane.

What surprised me was how willing I was to forgive bad writing while listening to an audio book.  Stephanie Meyer tells a good story, no doubt about that, but her writing style leaves something to be desired.  Despite the over use of adverbs, the constant use of two adjectives to describe everything, and the incessant descriptions of Edward as beautiful, I got into the story.  If I were reading the book, I think those things would have bothered me, but because I was listening it was easier to just go the with flow and get into the story.

Right now I am on two waitlists at the Madison library — 100 of 114 for New Moon on audio book and 89 of 107 for Eclipse.  Quite the wait, but I’m going to find another book to listen to in the mean time.

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Any suggestions for an audio book that is light and easy to  listen to in short spurts while walking to school or sitting on the bus?

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