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Home from Vacation

Hi everyone! I had great time in San Francisco, despite the weather being a little cooler than I might have liked it to be.  Instead of writing a whole long post about my trip, I’m just going to let these pictures do most of the talking (sorry if the formatting is a little wonky):

Our first stop was at Ghiradelli Square at the end of Fisherman’s Wharf. We got a ton of chocolate and a delicious ice cream sundae! Even though the weather wasn’t great most of the trip, I was just excited to see all of the palm trees. They were awesome.
Sister (below) is studying architecture, so she was excited to see the green roof at the California Academy of Sciences. I was also pretty impressed with the architecture and whatnot of the building, although I didn’t nerd out about it as much as she did!  I liked the trees and greenery.

While at Golden Gate Park, we also visited the Japanese Tea Gardens to get some good pictures.

We also took a boat tour of the Bay, which was a little goofy because the entire Golden Gate Bridge was in a fog bank. We could hardly see anything when we went underneath it.

That’s just a nutshell of the trip, we certainly got in a lot more stuff in just four days. If you want to see more, you can check out my San Francisco photos on Flickr.

I’m still not quite back into work/school/blog mode, so I’m trying to reacquaint myself slowly. Unfortunately, there are about a million posts in my reader that I just don’t have time to get t0, and I need your help:

What are the best posts you’ve written or read in the last week? Leave me links to good posts (your own, or posts from other people) in the comments and I’ll be sure to visit. In return, I’ll give you a little link love by letting the blogger know that you recommended their post to me!

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