Read-a-Thon: Early Evening Update

by Kim on April 18, 2009 · 14 comments

read-a-thonWell, my alleged break ended up not actually being a break. I got a little food and called Boyfriend about evening plans, but then the idea of commenting on all the Read-a-Thon blogs took over and I went back to commenting like a madwoman. I’ve now been to 142 of the 192 blogs at the original Mr. Linky. I’m sooooo close!

One thing that’s making life easier is the realization that I have a Blogger profile that I can use so I don’t have to put in OpenID stuff for every Blogger blog. The profile is pretty bare bones and just redirects to this blog, but it’s been a huge help.

Thanks to everyone who’s been commenting, those all make me smile!  Also, be sure to vote for the winners of my draw a comic mini-challenge!

Ok, gotta go. Boyfriend is here so I am actually off for my real break. Dinner and a movie, I think :)  I’m going to try to be back later to finish out commenting on all the blogs that are left. Victory over the massive blog list will be mine!

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