Blog Improvement Project Week #14: Highlight Key Posts

by Kim on July 28, 2009 · 23 comments

2009bip-150x210Whoops! I totally forgot to put this up yesterday — sorry!

Anyway, I was going to do something this week about blog categories and tagging, but soon realized the topic is more complicated than I anticipated and, frankly, I need something low-key after Bingo (results soon). So this week is going to be something easy and celebratory — highlighting best blog posts for new blog readers.

I found a couple of articles that talk about good ways to highlight previous blog content in new ways:

  • Create a Sneeze Page: This was Day 18 in the Build a Better Blog Challenge at ProBlogger. Basically, it suggests making pages with posts that will help drive people deeper into your blog. He also suggests not just making the page a list of links — give people context for why the link is interesting and useful for them.

After reading the posts, the task for this week should be pretty simple — create a post or page that highlights some of your best blog content for new readers.

Feel free to do this in any way you want. Write a new post highlighting past posts then put a link to that post in your sidebar, add highlighted posts to your About Me page, add a section to your sidebar with highlighted posts, or do something else I haven’t thought of.

Personally, I’m going to add these posts to my “About Me” page. That way, when people stop by the blog and want to learn more about me, I can point them to some posts that show off my personality and style and might convince them to stay. But do what feels right for your blog and find a way to highlight your awesome content in the way that fits you best.

UPDATE: If you check out my About Me page, you can see the posts I highlighted. /UPDATE

Please link to what you come up with in the comments on this post so otherĀ  BIP participants can check out some of your best posts.

Questions? Comments? More ideas about how to highlight some of your best content other than new posts or pages? Leave some comments and let’s have a conversation :)

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