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by Kim on July 25, 2009 · 8 comments

2009bip-150x210Lately, I’ve been sort of pathetic at actually blogging about the Blog Improvement Project tasks I’ve been coming up with. But not so with Blog Post Bingo, I actually got quite a few posts done!

The best part of it was having the motivation to get a couple of more in-depth posts I’ve been thinking about out of my head and out into the blogosphere — my list post of Book Lists and my how to post on html tables.  It was also fun to try a more personal post about reading Infinite Jest.

Here are my completed posts — 10 of 12 isn’t bad!

  1. A Link PostBIP Week #13: Bingo Reminder
  2. A Short PostHappy Birthday, Me :)
  3. A List PostA List of Book Lists
  4. An Opinion PostBook Reviews as Bread and Butter
  5. A Poll or Question PostQuestions for ‘American Gods’ and ‘Love Walked In’
  6. A How-To PostHow To Make Html Tables
  7. A Long PostReview: A Reliable Wife
  8. A Review PostReview: The Disreputable History of Frankie-Landau Banks
  9. A Definition Post
  10. NEW: A Personal PostMy Infinite Summer: Page 233
  11. NEW: A Resource Post
  12. FREE SPACEMy Infinite Summer

To me, the most important part of Blog Post Bingo isn’t completing all the posts. It’s developing a sense that there are an infinite number of ways to write blog posts, and I shouldn’t be afraid to try something new or share things I know through the blog. I hope others — no matter how many or how few posts got completed — got a little bit of the same thing.

I’ll have the winners and featured bloggers for Week #13: Blog Post Bingo up sometime soon. For the moment, I’m planning to ejoy and low-key and low-responsibility weekend just hanging out at home :)

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