Bingo Winners Announced!

by Kim on August 4, 2009 · 17 comments

2009bip-150x210After visiting the wrap up posts and tallying the counts, I’m excited to announce the winners for Blog Post Bingo. There are two winners — one person who completed all 12 posts will receive a $10 e-gift certificate from The second winner, chosen randomly from all entrants simply gets featured and praised here in the wrap up post.

There were four bloggers who completed all of the bingo posts: Jackie from Farm Lane Books, Sherrie from Just Books, Nicole from Books and Bards, and Kerrie from Mysteries in Paradise. After consulting the random number generator, the winner is…

Sherrie from Just Books!

Sherrie had a lot of great bingo posts, but my favorite was the definition post in which she came up with a definition for her blog — I thought this was a very creative way to complete that post.

The second winner, who doesn’t get much more than a shout out and my congrats, is…

Kathy from Bermudaonions Weblog!

Kathy is one of the first book bloggers to comment on my blog, ever, and I always look forward to her comments. Kathy completed six posts — I enjoyed the way she asked bloggers to vote on which books she should take to the beach because I thought it was a creative poll or question (and I was jealous she was at the beach!).

I want to just quickly thank all 11 of the bloggers that participated in bingo this time around — I enjoyed following all of your posts immensely! I hope the experience was as stretching for you as it was for me.

Sadly, there weren’t quite as many bingo participants this round as there were last time. I might not have done enough to market it — someone suggested making a “promotion post” part of the next bingo, which is actually a very good idea. Or, it could be that it’s summer and people are just blogging less. I’m not sure — thoughts?

I’ve been thinking that even if I don’t do another Blog Improvement Project next year, I may still do Blog Post Bingo as a monthly challenge a couple times next year. How does that sound? Any suggestions on how to make a future bingo game better?

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