The Story of a Stroke (My Multimedia Project)

by Kim on August 19, 2009 · 12 comments

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I’ve been interning at The Capital Times this summer. Along with learning about online journalism, posting stories to the web, writing features for print, and generally helping out, I also spent a long time working on a multimedia project.

stroke storyThe project is an interactive timeline about the day of a stroke and accompanies a story about new devices that are expanding the possiblity that doctor’s can help or even save stroke victims.

You can view the timeline by clicking on the screenshot on the right, or you can follow this link to read the story which links to the timeline.

Putting together the timeline was such a learning experience for me. I got to work with two different photographers, a videographer, and our health reporter, Shawn Doherty. It was different working with so many people, since I’m used to doing multimedia projects and reporting all on my own. It’s sometimes hard to get everyone involved on the same page, but it’s helpful to have extra brains when you’re out shooting.

One thing I especially loved was watching the way Shawn went about reporting the story and seeing how she is able to draw out people’s stories in an interview. I haven’t gotten to shadow reporters much, but it’s cool to see a little bit into their process.

I’m planning to post a longer list of my stories from the summer sometime next week, but I’m so excited about this one that I had to post about it right away. Enjoy!

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