The Sunday Salon: Bookish Blind Spots

by Kim on May 15, 2011 · 22 comments

The Sunday On Friday afternoon I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, NPR MonkeySee’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, which was discussing upcoming summer movies the various participants were excited about. One person mentioned The Help, which will be coming out this August.

I knew the movie was coming out, but hadn’t seen a trailer yet, so popped over to YouTube to find one:

And that’s when I was totally shocked to discover that the main character, Skeeter, was a journalist! How, after skimming a million enthusiastic reviews of this book, could I have missed that major fact? Especially considering that I love (love!) books with journalists in them.

I haven’t read The Help yet, mostly because it got so much hype that I wanted to wait for things to die down a bit. Then time passed and I forgot about it. The book just slipped off my radar. But knowing a newspaper plays a part in the plot of the movie probably would have made me more apt to pick it up in the first place, rather than waiting and then forgetting it entirely.

After I expressed my shock about this turn of events on Twitter, I got to thinking about what other bookish blind spots I might have. Certainly, there are many books I might like that I miss because they’re small or don’t get much publicity. I’m thinking more of popular books that I just ignored but might have enjoyed if I knew some little detail about them that doesn’t matter to most people but strikes my bookish heart in some special way.

I’m also not sure what to do about them. How would I go about finding books that fill my blind spots while still making time for the books I find right away that appeal to me? Is it a constantly loosing battle to figure out what’s worth the time to read and what to just ignore?

What are your bookish blind spots? What do you to try to fill in the gaps? Any books you found out something awesome about that everyone else already knew?

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