My Life in the Swamp of the Non-Reader

by Kim on January 13, 2012 · 17 comments

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You may have noticed that things have been quiet around the blog this week. I’ve been in a wicked reading and writing slump, and instead of trying to force the posts I was planning for this week I decided to just let things slide for a bit.

I blame at least part of the slumpiness to the fact that between the holidays, work, and volunteering, I haven’t spent a full day at my house in 25 days. Twenty-five days! How does that even happen? It’s insane. Let’s just say I am sooo looking forward to spending tomorrow in my pajamas.

I did manage get my act together long enough to write a post for Book Riot with a personal reaction to a fantastic essay by Jonathan Gourlay,  “In the Land of the Non-Reader,” published in The Bygone Bureau: A Journal of Modern Thought. Gourlay writes about his time not reading, and what his life was like treking through “the swamp of the non-reader.”

As a recent and unhappy inhabitant of that same mucky place, I think Gourlay’s essay found me at just the right time. It helped me think about the place reading has in my life as I try to get my life in order:

I keep thinking that if I just get some more sleep, maybe eat a little better, maybe take a day off from work, I’ll suddenly emerge triumphant from the haze, book in hand, and dive back into my life as a reader. But really, reading is not the activity that comes after the rest of my life is in order. It’s the thing that has to come first, the brain and spirit energizer that is going to help make the rest of those things possible.

I highly recommend taking the time to read Gourlay’s essay and bookmark it to pull out the next time you feel yourself lost in the swamp.

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