Review at Book Riot: “Priceless” by Nicole Richie

by Kim on January 5, 2012 · 19 comments

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Last week I posted a list of mini-reviews to finish out 2011 — books I read but never formally wrote about for one reason or another. One of the books I missed was Priceless by Nicole Richie, which I read as part of a series of literary dares with a dear friend in Madison.

When I was doing some blog maintenance last week, I came across an un-posted “review” that I wrote soon after finishing Priceless (Yes, I did actually read the book!). Rather than let more than 1,100 words of bitter sarcasm go to waste, I turned the review into a post over at Book Riot that went up yesterday where I talked about the Not So Great Expectations Book Club and my thoughts on reading Richie.

Here’s a brief preview, a couple of disconnected paragraphs, which I hope will entice you to click on the link and read my rant in full:

It’s hard for me to express just how low my expectations for Priceless were. I don’t like celebrities or gossip or fashion or reading about beautiful people. I just find it… annoying. And I wasn’t expecting Richie to be a Great Writer or anything. I mean, all you have to do is look at the book cover to know how this book is being sold: the name of the author is about twice as big as the title of the book. This is a book By Nicole Richie… and that’s about the best thing going for it.

After Charlotte leaves New York to head to New Orleans, she’s immediately taken in by the woman who cared for her when she was a child. Charlotte worries that she’s only leaving New York with $5,000… how could she possibly survive on that, even when she’s crashing on a couch for FREE? When she goes out to “find a job,” she stumbles into a vintage clothing store and is immediately befriended by one of the most popular girls in New Orleans, the daughter of a rich family in the city. That night, they get dressed up and head to a club. But, it’s different! This time they’re decked out in sweet vintage clothes instead of current designer duds. See, Charlotte is CHANGING! For the better!

I have to admit, sometimes it’s fun to be bitchy and sarcastic about a book, especially when being bitchy isn’t going to hurt this book in any serious way.

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