Who In the World Are You Reading With?

by Kim on November 18, 2012 · 29 comments

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This is my first time participating in Trish, KailanaLisa’s really fun monthly topic, Where in the World Are You Reading? Each month, one of these lovely ladies posts a monthly theme about our reading lives. The topic for November is “Reading Companions,” which seemed like the perfect opportunity to post some photos of my most popular family member, Hannah.

As you can see, Hannah does not not always appear to love having her picture taken. If she were a teenager, I’d imagine her saying, “Seriously, Mom. Knock it off with the photos! You are such a dork.” I snapped this one yesterday night after I put down Angelmaker to grab some dinner and she proceeded to take over my chair because, I suspect, it was nice and warm.

But, Hannah doesn’t always appear that persnickety. This is one of my favorite photos of her because she just looks so goofy! However, if you were to go over there and start rubbing her tummy, she’d coil up like a spring and start biting your hand — beware of the cute kitten.

Although Hannah doesn’t often join me while I read — she frequently has better things to do than sit on my lap all day — she does love my bookshelves.

My favorite thing about this photo is the way she’s just chilling up there, not a care in the world, since she knows I can’t get to her to try and pick her up or pet her. This photo was taken in our old house, where she had a pretty clear path from the floor up to that bookshelf. Things are arranged a little differently in the new house, and I don’t think she can get up as high anymore. Poor cat.

So there you have it, a gratuitous post of cat pictures for your Sunday. I’m hoping that I can get some blogging done today and finish Angelmaker — I’ve only got about 150 pages left, which I think I can squeeze in this morning before football kicks off at noon. Happy Sunday!

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