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Review Preview: ‘The New Republic’ by Lionel Shriver

Review Preview: ‘The New Republic’ by Lionel Shriver post image

I am supposed to have a review up today of The New Republic by Lionel Shriver for a post with TLC Book Tours. But I haven’t quite finished the book yet… It’s been an unexpectedly hectic week at work which has eaten up all of the reading time I thought I’d have this week. I hate when that happens.

I think I’ll finish the book today and have a review up by tonight, so this is mostly a placeholder until then. As a preview, here’s a summary of the book:

Edgar Kellogg has always yearned to be popular. When he leaves his lucrative law career for a foreign correspondent post in a Portuguese backwater with a homegrown terrorist movement, Edgar recognizes Barrington Saddler, the disappeared reporter he’s replacing, as the larger-than-life character he longs to emulate. Yet all is not as it appears. Os Soldados Ousados de Barba — “The Daring Soldiers of Barba” — have been blowing up the rest of the world for years in order to win independence for a province so dismal and backward that you couldn’t give the rathole away. So why, with Barrington vanished, do incidents claimed by the “SOB” suddenly dry up? A droll, playful novel, The New Republic addresses terrorism with a deft, tongue-in-cheek touch while also pressing a more intimate question: What makes particular people so magnetic, while the rest of us inspire a shrug?

Thanks for your patience!

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  • Jennifer April 10, 2013, 7:19 am

    I’ll be looking forward to your review of this one. I tried it last year and just couldn’t get into it 🙁

    • Kim April 11, 2013, 6:33 pm

      I can understand that! I may not have finished it if it weren’t for the tour. I’m not sure. I did spend the whole book wanting it to be better.

  • Allison @ The Book Wheel April 10, 2013, 9:21 pm

    I’ve read mixed reviews, so I’m looking forward to what you have to say about it!