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Hello! My name is Kim — small town newspaper editor by day, book blogger and freelance writer by night.

I am a not-so-recent (2010) graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I grew up in Minnesota, and got my BA from the University of Minnesota, Morris in May 2008. I currently live in rural Minnesota with my wonderful boyfriend and persnickety cat, Hannah.

What is my blog about? Book reviews and other musings as I see fit, with a smattering of journalism and other dorky topics sprinkled throughout. I tend to read memoirs, literary journalism, and literary fiction, with some comics and young adult fiction thrown in for fun. I encourage you to check out my Reading List and Review Policy (and favorite nonfiction, memoirs and fiction from 2012) to see how my tastes compare with yours and whether I might be a good blogger to review a book.

Over my four years as a blogger, I’ve had several of amazing honors come my way thanks to the book blogging community. In 2012 Sophisticated Dorkiness won the first Independent Book Blogger Award in Adult Nonfiction from Goodreads and the Association of American Publishers. I was a panelist at the first Book Blogger Convention talking about writing and building content and was also voted the Best Nonfiction book blog for Book Blogger Appreciation Week in 2010 and 2011.

BR advisory board buttonI also do some writing outside of this book (and outside of my day job as a community newspaper editor). I am a regular contributor to Book Riot and a founding member of the Bloggers Recommend advisory board. I am also a semi-regular freelance contributor to The Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve tried to collect some of my other writing around the web on this page.

Comments, questions, compliments, and other queries can be made through the contact information below. If you are pitching a book, please check out my Review Policy first.

Contact Information

bermudaonion September 15, 2008 at 3:54 pm

I love the name of your blog.

Elizabeth Moon April 21, 2009 at 9:55 am

Kim, I wanted to email you about your excellent blog and the Blog Improvement Project, but your email address (carefully copied and then its extraneous bits pruned) returned an error message.

I recently (late November 2008) started three project-specific, very focused blogs embedded in project-specific websites (two for books or book groups, one for a wildlife-management/prairie restoration project we’re doing which I hope will be documented in a book someday.) (Links on the website above.)

If you’re interested, please email me so that I can just hit “reply”…if not, no worries. We’re all busy (I’m about to get on a train to California and be gone a week) and we all have priorities–not trying to step on your toes.

Esme February 26, 2010 at 5:39 pm

Kim I look forward to meeting you and spending time together-I am not sure if Sheila mentioned it, I am staying through Sunday morning-no-one is sharing the room with me although Sheila may stay on-if you want to stay-just let me know. Lucky you studying to be a journalist. Are there any photos of your kitties-they came to me when they were about 6-7 mos so I never knew them as kitties.

The Girl from the Ghetto June 3, 2010 at 1:55 pm

Kim, I have to say, you have the best blog name! I love it, especially since I am a huge dork. Might I admit I’m even a little jealous of it?

Kirsten Lobe-author of 3 books May 4, 2011 at 12:42 pm

Dear Kim,
Just read your article in the Cap Times about the writer Wendy McClure and thought it an exceptional piece, and now seeing your blog I understand why! You are truly passionate writer and reader and bookophile, all my favorites.
I am writer, published with St Martins Press in NYC, with a bestseller, PARIS HANGOVER (avail in 14 countries), another French Trysts (10 countries) and a new book out this May 24th entitled PARIS, BABY!. As a Wisconsin native, I will be having the launch of my book tour here in Madison at Barnes and Noble west that evening, May 24 at 7pm. I am writing you primarily to invite you and also to see if you might be interested in checking me out on google and writing a piece for The Cap Times to help me promote my new memoir (as a single parent, I would be grateful to no end for any kind words you could offer regarding the book). Booklist just gave my new book a wonderful review (yipee) and I am here to help get you any info that you could use..(have a sea of reviews, bio, author photos, etc.) Please allow me to humbly submit my request to you for your consideration of an article regarding my upcoming event and book release.
My eternal gratitude,
Kirsten Lobe

Terrence Kiolbassa February 2, 2012 at 6:31 pm

Good evening,

Look I am 66 years old and my son the lawyer is finishing a book. In my opinion it is an interesting book for a younger age group. The book , as yet unnamed, is not ready for the NY Times Book Review.

t this point I am seeking a book reviewer that will review the book and then get the review on line(What ever that means). I am interested in the librarian in Çhippewa Fall and Camp Read – A – Lot at the New Prague H. S.

28 Jan 2012

RE: New author / new book


The intent is to make this letter as short as possible and yet accomplish its objective of introducing my son who is seeking assistance with the sale of a book he is writing.

My son, Donald Hyun Kiolbassa, is in the process of finishing a book. The target date for the finished book is set for sometime after April 2012.

A very limited background picture follows:

A book on Oriental martial arts and how it relates to his personal experience and professional activities

Gold medalist at the 3rd World Games in Shiyan China in 2008
Professionally he is an attorney and CPA.

The book will be available through a publisher.

The specific request of this letter is to be advised of the person and phone number who my son could contact to explore the possibility of arranging for book sale to or listing through your library.

This proud parent would appreciate any assistance that you can give this request.


Terrence S. Kiolbassa
4550 N. Kasson
Chicago, IL 60630
773 366 6369
Fax 773 736 7474

ps in this project i can say i finnaly learned to spell minnesota.

ashley wegener March 22, 2012 at 7:45 pm

i just wanted to ask because i am doing a research paper, and i have to cite the source what is your last name?

Kim March 25, 2012 at 2:21 pm

If you e-mail me directly at sophisticated.dorkiness [at] gmail.com I can provide that information.