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The Books I Read Since August

Welcome to 2017! Like many people, I am happy to be leaving the dumpster fire of 2016 behind and moving ahead to a new year which, I hope, will not be as terrible. I thought about just jumping back into blogging in the new year, but decided I didn’t want to move on to new [...]


So, the thing you are not supposed to do before you prepare for a major move is buy more stuff. But that doesn't apply to books, right? Right. Thanks, fellow book addicts, for supporting my delusional behavior. My first transgression was at our annual library book sale last week... I didn't try very hard to [...]


This weekend, the boyfriend and I are heading to my parent's cabin (soon to be retirement home) in northern Wisconsin for some family celebrations. Prepping for the first summer weekend at the lake always gets me thinking about what makes a good beach read. The kind of book that's good for a long, warm, boozy [...]


I was sure I'd be able to get a post up today with some of my highlights from the trip. But then I had to dig myself out of what felt like an incredibly deep email hole at work and cover a school board meeting that lasted until after 8:30 p.m. Suffice it to say, by [...]


The most surprising fact I learned about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg – aka Notorious RBG – this weekend is that her reputation as a fiery dissenter on the Court is a product of just the last 10 to 15 years of her tenure. For most of her storied career, RBG has been someone [...]


This post originally appeared on Book Riot.  Yay, April! From where I sit in the upper midwest is the month where the weather seems to turn and we finally get to feeling like spring – the chance of a late-season blizzard seems to go down exponentially as soon as the calendar flips to April 1. [...]


One of my favorite things about being a reader is finding the perfect book at the perfect time. Whether it’s a book that scratches the right itch or a book that answers a question we didn’t know we were asking, a book read in a particular moment can resonate throughout our lives. I was inspired [...]


Books on My Radar: March 2016

You guys, March is so full of new and interesting books. Putting this post together certainly did not help my plan to #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks, but oh well. I mentioned a few of these in my February wrap up/March preview post, but didn’t go into much detail, so they’re coming around again. Here are some titles on [...]


BBAW 2016: Five Books that Represent Me

Hooray, today is the first day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week! Although I’m probably not going to be able to participate to the extent that I originally hoped, I still managed to have a few posts drafted before life got complicated last week. And today’s topic is such a good one: Day 1: Introduce yourself [...]


As I was working on my review of Presence by Amy Cuddy, I started thinking about some of the other really great psychology books I’ve read in the last few years that I don’t think got enough attention. It gave me the idea for a new, semi-regular feature looking at some books I recommended highly [...]