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One of my favorite things about being a reader is finding the perfect book at the perfect time. Whether it’s a book that scratches the right itch or a book that answers a question we didn’t know we were asking, a book read in a particular moment can resonate throughout our lives. I was inspired [...]


Books on My Radar: March 2016

You guys, March is so full of new and interesting books. Putting this post together certainly did not help my plan to #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks, but oh well. I mentioned a few of these in my February wrap up/March preview post, but didn’t go into much detail, so they’re coming around again. Here are some titles on [...]


BBAW 2016: Five Books that Represent Me

Hooray, today is the first day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week! Although I’m probably not going to be able to participate to the extent that I originally hoped, I still managed to have a few posts drafted before life got complicated last week. And today’s topic is such a good one: Day 1: Introduce yourself [...]


As I was working on my review of Presence by Amy Cuddy, I started thinking about some of the other really great psychology books I’ve read in the last few years that I don’t think got enough attention. It gave me the idea for a new, semi-regular feature looking at some books I recommended highly [...]


Off My Shelves: Fun Nonfiction

As I mentioned in my post on Sunday, I've struggling to find reading to fit my mood. As I thought about it a bit this week, I realized that my reading, especially in nonfiction, has been pretty serious lately… and, thanks to Alexander Hamilton, pretty dense. So I took to my bookshelves (#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks) to find a [...]


Woo, new books! Although I’m not as on top of upcoming new releases as I’ve been in year’s past, I've still been keeping a short list of titles I'm excited about as I come across them. The list is a mix -- books I've pre-ordered, books I've requested for review consideration, and books I've just made [...]


It’s almost Christmas! I have to work about a half day today, then the boyfriend and I are off to the Twin Cities for a long weekend with both of our families. Since he’s an only child, his parents graciously agreed to come spend Christmas with my family again so we can all be together. [...]


Favorite Nonfiction of 2015

Over the seven years that I’ve been a blogger, I’ve averaged about 60 percent nonfiction and 40 percent fiction. These percentages have been remarkably consistent, and without much effort on my part. But this year was a big departure from that trend – at last count, I was at less than 40 percent nonfiction for [...]


Favorite Fiction of 2015

Putting together my favorites of the year posts always makes me feel so grateful to be a reader. Even in years, like 2015, when it felt like my mojo was a little off, I still managed to put a ton of great books into my brain. Today, I've got fiction. Next Tuesday, I'll do a [...]


Hooray, day off from work in the middle of the week! Thanksgiving has turned into kind of a hit-or-miss holiday for me. I don't get the day after Thanksgiving off as an official work holiday, and since we are a Saturday newspaper work needs to get done Friday so the paper gets printed and delivered [...]