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Book Review

I'm not sure I would have gotten to reading Sarah Vowell's newest book, Lafayette in the Somewhat United States, if I haven't started listening to the soundtrack for Hamilton just a couple weeks ago. For those who don't know, Hamilton is a Broadway musical about the life and times of Alexander Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda. It sounds rather [...]


Vacation Reading: Four Mini-Reviews

Well, I am home. After three weeks traveling abroad – London, Bath, Athens and Poros, then back to the United States – I arrived back at home on Sunday evening. I took a final vacation day on Monday to try and get a little bit settled, but I didn’t get much done – I’m still [...]


There are lots of narratives that make us feel comfortable, that reinforce the way the world works or tell us that institutions work the way they’re designed to work. While there’s nothing wrong with reading those comfortable stories – in fiction or nonfiction – I also like finding books that challenge my worldview in important [...]


I have a new obsession: coloring books paired with audio books. I place most of the blame on Andi (Estella’s Revenge) and Heather (Capricious Reader), who have been sharing beautiful photos of their coloring book adventures on Instagram (Andi is here, Heather is here). I’m definitely not as talented as they are, but seeing their [...]


Even though I've been on the lookout for books set in London and England in preparation for a trip with my sister this fall, I didn't expect that nearly all of my fiction reading in the last month would be set in England. All four of these books are pretty different -- fantasy/science fiction, contemporary [...]


More comics! Unlike my last post with comics recommendations, which focused on first volumes of four series I was interested in reading, this one will be on graphic novels (stand alone stories in comic form) and series that are short/completed. Basically, you can read these entire stories right now, if you so choose (except Lumberjanes… [...]


One of my disappointments about struggling to write reviews is that I haven't gotten to tell you about some of the great nonfiction I've read over the last couple of months. It's been so great! Instead of waiting until my review mojo comes back, I'm just going to share briefly about each of these in [...]


In the first collection of essays by a Chinese-American male to be published in over a decade, Allen Gee writes about aspects of Asian-American life in a detailed, eloquent manner, looking at how Asian-Americans view themselves in light of America’s insensitivities, stereotypes, and expectations. My Chinese-America speaks on masculinity, identity, and topics ranging from Jeremy [...]


Although I've mostly written about nonfiction this year, I've actually been reading quite a number of great novels over the last several months. While I wouldn't recommend all of them to every reader, they all seem like perfect reads in certain situations. Euphoria is the story of a love triangle between three young anthropologists studying [...]


Lynsey Addario’s memoir of her life as a war photographer, It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life Of Love And War, opens in Libya in March of 2011. At the time, Addario, photographer Tyler Hicks, journalists Anthony Shadid and Stephen Farrell, and their driver, Mohammed, were working near Ajdabiya, interviewing and photographing rebels. As they [...]