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Book Riot: 100 Must-Read Memoirs

A couple of weeks ago, I had a pretty epic post go up over at Book Riot -- 100 Must-Read Memoirs. It was such a fun post to put together, especially because it made me realize how much the genre has blossomed, especially in the last couple of decades. As I wrote in my introduction: [...]

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My first novel of 2016 set the year off on such a good foot – I absolutely loved The Turner House by Angela Flournoy. The Turner House is a big family story, set in a crumbling black neighborhood in Detroit. Patriarch Francis Turner has died and his wife, Viola, is getting too old to manage [...]


This post originally appeared on Book Riot. I love a good adventure story. I would never actually get on a boat going deep into the Amazon or set out to trek across the desert, but I love true stories about people braver than me risking it all in the quest for knowledge and discovery. It [...]


About this time last month, I shared how I was doing unexpectedly well with Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge. When I posted in May, I’d completed 12 of the 24 tasks on the list. Since then, I’ve crossed off four more (audiobook – Missoula by Jon Krakauer; retelling of a classic story – Northanger Abbey [...]


Generally, I am terrible at reading challenges. It seems that as soon as I challenge myself to do something, it turns into work and I automatically don't want to do it anymore. The best way to ensure that I won't ever read a book is to put it on a reading challenge list. Imagine my [...]


This post originally appeared at Book Riot.  If you have not picked up Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, stop what you’re doing and get it right now. This book is fantastic. Americanah is the story of Ifemelu and Obinze, two Nigerians who are “young and in love.” When they try to leave Nigeria together, complicated immigration [...]


This post originally appeared on Book Riot. IRL is a twice monthly feature where I pair popular fiction with some great nonfiction. You can see all of my writing at Book Riot by following this link.   The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is a twisty thriller narrated by three different struggling, unreliable women. Our [...]


“Now reading her letters, I knew more about the woman I thought I loved. Or maybe I knew less. Maybe what I knew was that there was more mystery and hurt than I could have imagined. Maybe the world has been bad to its great and unusual women. Maybe there wasn’t a worthy place for [...]


This post originally appeared on Book Riot. In "Buy, Borrow, Bypass," Book Riot contributors give brief reviews of their recent reads and advise whether you should buy, borrow, or bypass them. I’ve always had a bit of a dark streak in my reading life. I love a good true crime story and often pick up memoirs [...]


This post originally appeared on Book Riot, where it got a lot of great feedback. Since it was published on Tuesday, Kate Rados with the Crown Publishing Group reached out on Twitter to ask for feedback on Blogging for Books, a program targeted at bloggers that is mentioned in this piece. I sent an e-mail with [...]