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“Now reading her letters, I knew more about the woman I thought I loved. Or maybe I knew less. Maybe what I knew was that there was more mystery and hurt than I could have imagined. Maybe the world has been bad to its great and unusual women. Maybe there wasn’t a worthy place for [...]


This post originally appeared on Book Riot. In "Buy, Borrow, Bypass," Book Riot contributors give brief reviews of their recent reads and advise whether you should buy, borrow, or bypass them. I’ve always had a bit of a dark streak in my reading life. I love a good true crime story and often pick up memoirs [...]


This post originally appeared on Book Riot, where it got a lot of great feedback. Since it was published on Tuesday, Kate Rados with the Crown Publishing Group reached out on Twitter to ask for feedback on Blogging for Books, a program targeted at bloggers that is mentioned in this piece. I sent an e-mail with [...]


My Bat Signal for Book Nerds

I've mentioned the beautiful scarf that my sister got me for Christmas a couple of times, but neglected to share some of the best details about it. Hence, this post that originally appeared on Book Riot.  My sister is notoriously good at picking out Christmas presents, but this year she really outdid herself with my [...]


The post originally appeared on Book Riot.  Big brother knows what you’re reading….if you read ebooks. It’s not really a secret that big companies like to collect big data on their customers. Free online services aren’t really free — you pay in personal information — and even services that cost money for often ask for [...]


Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones (all the series), the Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games, so reader beware if you care about spoilers. Spoiler alert: I don’t.

I’ve never been the kind of person that gets too uptight about spoilers. If I’ve had the opportunity to read or watch something — the book is past the publishing date, the show has already played on television — then I don’t feel like I have much of a right to complain if I come across a spoiler. There’s nothing that makes me roll my eyes more than seeing a chorus of “Stop talking about X because I haven’t seen it yet!” come up on social media; if you’re worried about being spoiled, it’s your job to avoid it, not the rest of the world’s job to protect you.

It’s possible that I’ve adopted this attitude, however, because the person in my life most likely to “spoil” me is, well, me. My name is Kim, and I’m addicted to spoilers.


True story: I bribed a librarian (after a brief conversation about my general reading interests) to constantly stick new/interesting things in my hold queue. Best. Thing. Ever. It's like Netflix for the library, now!


This week, Book Riot, a bookish website I regularly contribute too, published it's Best Books of 2012 list. For the list, editors asked each Riot writer to share two of their favorite books published in 2012. It is, I would venture to guess, one of the more eclectic best of the year lists, and I've already added books to my toppling TBR pile from reading it.


As part of Book Riot's inaugural Riot Read (group readalong), I put together two lists of nonfiction that could be read in conjunction with The Great Gatsby, one about the life and times of F. Scott Fitzgerald and one with more contemporary books about two of the major themes in The Great Gatsby.


One of my reading goals for this year was to read an essay every single day. Reading essays -- both online and in collections -- has helped remind me about all the great, short nonfiction there is out there. And, I think we're living in a particularly robust time for long-form writing, which makes it easy for readers that are tentative about trying nonfiction to find something to enjoy.