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Currently | Jobs, Parties, and Painting

Around Here | It's a lazy Sunday morning here in Minnesota. My sister and I hosted a holiday party with a boozy hot chocolate bar last night, so we're all moving a little bit slowly this morning. Reading | It's 10 days into December and I haven't finished a book! I got sucked into read a [...]


Around Here | After traveling a bunch in August -- to Madison to visit friends, to Denver for a girls' weekend, and to the cabin for Labor Day -- I'm feeling ok about being more of a homebody in September. While I don't want to miss any opportunities to see new places and visit friends [...]


Around Here | Job hunting is the worst. That's pretty much it. I worked on a bunch of applications near the end of the July, and I'm now waiting impatiently to hear if I'm going to get interviews out of any of them. And searching job boards. And filling out more applications. And waiting and waiting [...]


Currently | The Slide into Summer

Around Here | Life continues to be pretty chill, what with the not having a job thing. I'm starting to gear up my job search a little more, which I think is good since the whole process takes such a long time anyway. I'm focusing on public sector or nonprofit communications jobs in the Twin [...]


Around Here | It's been an interesting few weeks. After traveling a lot in late May and early June, I've been at home the last few weeks. It's been nice -- my sister and I have been working on house projects, I've been doing some cleaning and organizing, and I'm starting to buckle down a [...]


Briefly | It's early on a Tuesday morning, and I'm at home for a bit before heading out to BookExpo 2017 in New York. My flight leaves bright and early tomorrow, and I'll be coming home late Saturday. I've been on the road a lot lately, first out to eastern Wisconsin, then to our family [...]


Briefly | As of today, Sophisticated Dorkiness has been around for nine years. Every year that this space still exists I feel surprised and grateful, but this year those feelings are especially strong. After everything that's happened since last year at this time -- turning 30, accepting a new job, the boyfriend's death, moving, starting the [...]


Briefly | Is there anything better than springtime in Minnesota? I honestly don’t think so. Even though we’ve had some extended periods of rain over the last couple of weeks, being able to spend sunny afternoons out walking in the parks near my house or sitting out on the patio with a book has been [...]


Briefly | My first week of unemployment has been... surprisingly great. I knew having some time off from the regular grind of work was going to feel good, but I don't think I registered how hard I'd been working to hold all my shit together until I didn't have to do it anymore. I've been [...]


  Briefly | I was planning to do a January reading wrap up post this week, but when I sat down to write it I realized I only finished two books last month – A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab in print and Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick in audio. It’s not [...]