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  Briefly | I was planning to do a January reading wrap up post this week, but when I sat down to write it I realized I only finished two books last month – A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab in print and Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick in audio. It’s not [...]


Briefly | It's vacation week! Amidst all of the packing and preparing and planning for a move later this month, my family's six day trip to Portland, Oregon for my cousin's wedding sort of snuck up on me. I think this will be the longest trip I've taken with my entire family since high school, [...]


Briefly | This week it felt like all of the big changes coming up finally became real. We settled on my last day at the current job, and I finally got around to posting the news on Facebook. As it turned out, I made "the announcement" almost exactly five years to the day I shared [...]


Briefly | As I'm drafting this post on Sunday afternoon, I'm having a hard time figuring out what this week has been about. I've been trying to savor the time we still have here, while also thinking about how we're going to get there. The week has been so full of awful things in the world, [...]


Briefly | It has been a hectic few days! After celebrating my birthday on Friday, the boyfriend and I spent the weekend in the Twin Cities hanging out with friends and apartment searching for our move in August. I'm home from work today -- our company gives an extra vacation day during your birthday month [...]


Briefly | We're going to see Hamilton! I managed to snag tickets for my sister, a friend, and I to see the Chicago run of Hamilton for March 11, 2017. Yes, we're planning a theater trip nine months early. No, we're not sorry about it. Reading | I think I finally hit a reading groove this week. [...]


Briefly | The boyfriend and I spent the weekend at my parent's cabin in Wisconsin. We had a little celebration for my sister's birthday, and Father's Day. It was a pretty brief trip, but worth it just to go swimming for part of Saturday afternoon. Reading | I finally finished a book! My first and [...]


Currently | June 13, 2016

Briefly | I'm feeling so sad and so defeated by the mass shooting in Orlando yesterday. I'm not sure what it takes to accept that there's a problem in the United States related to gun violence, and that we need to do something to address it. President Obama's comments after a PBS News Hour town hall earlier [...]


Currently | June 6, 2016

Briefly | Happy Monday! I case you missed it last week, I've decided to go with a slower blogging schedule this summer, just posts on Monday and Thursday. I'm not sure if every Monday will be a Currently post, but for now I like the format and think it'll do nicely. Reading | Over Memorial Day weekend I [...]


Briefly | After being away for two weekends, I'm really trying to embrace a weekend with absolutely nothing planned. It's been wonderful -- lots of time to read, catch up on chores, go to the gym, and spend time with the boyfriend and the cat. I'm feeling really grateful for life right now, even if [...]