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The Summer Slowdown

I hope you'll forgive a bit of navel-gazing for today's post. Over Memorial Day weekend, I got to thinking about what to do with the blog over the summer. A couple of bloggers I read regularly are embarking on projects to post on every one of the 99 days of summer (Memorial Day through Labor Day). I [...]


Briefly | Life got the better of me this week, so I decided to take an impromptu spring break from blogging. It was kind of awesome. I'm not sure that I'm entirely recovered from the last few stressful weeks, but today is my seventh blogiversary and I couldn't let that go by without a little celebration. [...]


Hey everyone! Please pardon the mess around here. I'm in the process of upgrading the design for the blog, so things are going to look a little wonky for awhile. The upgrade should make the site look a lot better on mobile devices (responsive design!), and give me a chance to do some other cleaning [...]


Earlier this year, a friend and fellow book lover Rebecca Schinsky wrote a piece for Book Riot about her "radical reading (unplan)." In it, she argued that the best way to decide what to read is to throw away all of the book lists: Delete the anxiety-inducing, peer pressure-based apps. Break up with the social [...]


BookLove on the (BlogTalk)Radio

I hope you'll indulge me a little self-promotion today. Tonight I am one of five featured bloggers on a podcast all about the love of books. Here's a quick description: BookLove, a special episode of A Kind Voice on Books, will bring recommendations for books you could fall for. During the show, five book blogger/reviewers [...]


Tackling My TBR in 2014

I’m generally pathetic at following through with goals and resolutions that I set on January 1. Like most people, I get ambitious at the end of the year and set myself up with a huge list of things to do to make life better. But January is traditionally a pretty busy month where I struggle [...]


2013 in Bookish Stats

Because I'm a giant nerd, I love putting together a post of bookish statistics at the end of the year. What struck me as I was working on this post is how incredibly similar my reading year looked when compared to 2012 (and somewhat to 2011). Seriously, it's downright eerie how consistent I've been over a [...]


My “Christmas Break” Reading List

As I mentioned last Sunday, I am taking all of next week off from work. Well, mostly off work. I don't have to go into the office but, depending on how much work I get done today, I may have to do some writing and editing from home. That said, a few hours of work from [...]


Favorite Nonfiction of 2013

Trying to narrow down my favorite nonfiction of 2013 was a daunting task. I read a lot of wonderful books this year that I've gushed about in various places on- and offline. To keep this post from getting totally insane, I kept my thoughts on each title brief but included links to my longer reviews. [...]


Favorite Fiction of 2013

I can't believe it is the end of the year already! Where on earth did 2013 go? As I mentioned on Sunday, I'm posting my end of the year favorites lists this week ahead of the Christmas holiday. If I happen to read any life-changing books before the end of the year, the plan is [...]