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Monthly Review

My June reading was slumpy, slumpy, slumpy. But as I started drafting this post, I realized that I shouldn't really be that surprised at a mid-year slowdown. I tend to read right around 100 books for the year, no matter what I do to try and read more or read less. At the end of May, I was [...]


  May was a really excellent month in the life events and memories sphere. In the reading sphere, it was a little more laid back, especially compared to April and the Readathon. Between my trip to Milwaukee and Chicago for Book Expo America, then time spent with family over the last weekend, reading has felt limited. But [...]


Thanks especially to the Readathon, April was a pretty stellar month of reading. I finished a total of 13 books across a range of genres and formats – it’s quite a list! Girls and Sex by Peggy Orenstein (nonfiction) American Housewife by Helen Ellis (short stories, audio book) Rain by Cynthia Barnett (nonfiction) Spinster by [...]


Happy end-of-March! This month has been a bit of a slog, at times, but the weather has been pretty stellar so I can't really complain much about any of the rest of it. And I did get a good bit of reading done, so yay for that. Here's what I got through this month: Displacement [...]


Goodbye February, and good riddance. It’s just been a downer of a month that I am not sad to see gone by the wayside. The sad events were certainly punctuated by some fun moments – new car! Newsies! – but overall I just look back on it with a sigh. My reading felt slow most [...]


And just like that, January is gone! The first month of the year always feels like a mess to me – I get jazzed for the beginning of the year and start in on my “resolutions,” of sorts, then get everything blown up again when I’m away from home for a couple of long weekends. It [...]


2015 Reading by the Numbers

Since 2010, I've kept a pretty detailed spreadsheet about the books I've read each year. That way, when December rolls around I can do a little number crunching and get a sense of my reading year in a little more depth. This post is always a lot of fun for me to put together, and [...]


June was My Month of British Fiction. July was The Month I Didn’t Read or Blog. As a result, I never posted a June wrap up and my July wrap up was turning out to be pretty boring. So I’m going to just squeeze them together and go from there. Here’s what I read in [...]


April was a stressful month, and May turned into kind of a mess of a month too. While I can think of a couple specific events that threw me off my game or caused some consternation, I can’t quite account for how grumpy the month made me and how happy I am to put it [...]


April was a pretty stressful month on the personal side, but pretty darn good when it came to reading. Thanks to the Readathon on Saturday, as well as some time spent with comics, I managed to finish 12 books this month: Gooch, Brad: Smash Cut (memoir) Battles, Matthew: Palimpsest (nonfiction) Stevenson, Noelle: Lumberjanes, Vol. 1 [...]