If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been in a wicked reading and blogging slump. It started at the beginning of August, held on through the entire month, and doesn’t seem to be letting up now that September has arrived. It’s been rough. Although I hate being in slumps like these, I don’t let myself feel bad […]


I am just getting into reading more comic books, and I know I have ComiXology to thank for it. ComiXology is a “cloud-based digital comics platform” that I use to buy and read digital comics. I first started using ComiXology in April when the first three trade editions of Saga by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona […]


Books I Bought in August (So Far)

by Kim on August 13, 2014 · 15 comments

I was really good about not buying more books in the month or so up to our move at the beginning of the month… but then I sort of lost my mind and bought a ton of new books. In my defense, I got to visit three different bookstores when I was in the Twin […]


This post originally appeared on Book Riot. I wrote it as I was preparing to move and, now that I’m nearing the end of the unpacking phase, I can tell you that the tip about reusable grocery bags (included in #3) is the best one in the bunch. Being a mobile book hoarder can be a challenge. […]


Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. Every year that I can, I join my family and a ton of friends up my my parents’ cabin in northwestern Wisconsin for a long weekend of relaxing by the lake. Since it’s right before my birthday, it’s always felt like a special weekend […]


Interrogating My Bookshelves

by Kim on June 25, 2014 · 30 comments

Earlier this month, fellow Book Riot contributor Peter Damien shared this great comic from Tom Gauld: Peter went on to use it as a jumping off point to explore his own bookshelves. It was such a great idea that I’m shamelessly borrowing it for this post. Here’s how my shelves stack up: Read: There are a lot […]


Last week I shared a post I wrote about the growing expectations for readers. In that post I was critical of a program for book bloggers, Blogging for Books, that’s been developed by the Crown Publishing Group. After there was some chatter on Twitter about my post and the program generally, Kate Rados (@KateRados), Director […]


Five days at a book conference in New York City is a lot to recap in a single post. Hence, part two of my adventures at Book Expo America. This post includes evening activities on Thursday and Friday as well as my adventures in bookstore shopping (I know!) on Saturday before catching a plane home. […]


Whew! I started out this post thinking I could get all of my trip to New York for Book Expo America into one piece, but it was getting way, way too long. With that in mind, consider this the first of three posts I’ll share on BEA. Today’s post includes traveling to New York, BEA […]


I can’t quite figure out where the month of May is going. In four days I”ll be on my way to New York City to attend Book Expo America, the publishing industry’s biggest event of the year. This will be my fourth trip to BEA, but I still never really feel prepared. I’ve been slowly […]