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News and Notes

This post originally appeared on Book Riot.  I’m already on the record over over at Book Riot as being a fan of the subtitle – the longer and more absurd the better. Two words that I cannot resist in a subtitle are “murder” and “madness,” especially when they’re used together. Usually you find “murder” and “madness” [...]


On Wednesday, I shared a post with three books on the business of death. After the post went up, Katy Butler, author of Knocking on Heaven's Door, contacted me about doing a giveaway of the book here at the blog. I loved the book (here's my review from last September) and think the book should get [...]


April, April, April. Where have you gone? This month was a flurry of activity, work and travel, so it's not that surprising that it seems to have flown by. My reading in April started out very slowly, just four books in the first 25 days of the month. But I finished three books during the [...]


Today I am excited to invite poet Chrissy Kolaya, a a good friend of mine, to the blog to help celebrate National Poetry Month. Chrissy is one of the local people that I get to completely nerd out about books with, and I love hearing her perspective on issues in publishing from her perspective as [...]


I realized about two weeks ago that I haven't done a monthly reading wrap-up since May -- a combination of vacations and other commitments, I think. I love doing these because I like taking at least a few minutes to look back on what I've been reading. It's easy to forget sometimes! I've read so [...]


Bout of Books: Goals and Books

The Bout of Books 8.0, a week-long readathon, officially started at 12:01 a.m. today, but since I was sick most of the weekend I definitely didn’t stay up late to sneak in a few super-early-morning hours. After going back and forth a bit, I decided that my one goal for the week of the Bout [...]


The Guest Posts Are Coming!

As you are, no doubt, aware, I am on vacation this week (I haven’t been talking about vacation constantly for like a month or anything like that). At first my plan was just to let the blog go silent for a week, give everyone a break from what I have to say. But then I [...]


Man, I did not plan to led the blog fall into radio silence this week, but it's just been crazy with work, meetings, and packing. Today you can find me across the blogosphere at BookPairing sharing a post about two things I love -- nonfiction and television -- as part of Nikki's Pair-A-Thon celebrating her [...]


One of my favorite things about books is getting to offer recommendations. I've gotten to a point where I don't take it personally if people don't like books I suggest and instead take any misses as clues for how to be a better book pusher in the future. During Armchair BEA, I tried taking my [...]


I had another really full month of reading in May. I finished 12 books, a pretty good mix of nonfiction, fiction and young adult books. I'm not feeling super chatty today, so let's just get into the books! Hanagarne, Josh: The World's Strongest Librarian (memoir) Chabon, Michael: Telegraph Avenue (fiction) Winder, Elizabeth: Pain, Parties, and Work (nonfiction) Gilbert, Jennifer: I Never Promised [...]