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The last leg of our epic three week trip to Europe was Greece. It's kind of a strange addition to a trip to England, but I've always dreamed of sitting on a beach in the Mediterranean and Jenny agreed to indulge me. Luckily, most of the areas we visited in Athens and one of the [...]


My sister Jenny and I continued our European adventure with a two day trip out to Bath, famous for the Romans, Jane Austen, and Georgian architecture. Here's my embarrassing secret -- I've never actually read a Jane Austen novel. But Jenny is a huge fan and I love Austen adaptations, so of course we were going [...]


Spending three weeks out of the country is a bit overwhelming -- getting there, being there, and coming home -- but also completely wonderful. I was going to try and cram all of it into a single post, but soon decided that was silly -- expect several posts over the next few weeks with some highlights from [...]


Happy Sunday! When I started my blogging break 17 days ago, I had grand plans to read and relax and try to get my mojo back... this is what I did instead: 1. Watched 25 episodes of White Collar on Netflix. I don't know where I found this much time to watch tv. I also [...]


The first thing I do when I visit someone new for the first time is sneak a few peeks at their bookshelves. The books we save and display can tell a lot, especially if you start talking to someone about them. I've been meaning to do a little bookshelf tour of our house since we [...]


This fall, my sister and I will be going on a three week trip to London, Bath and Greece. Our plan is to celebrate my sister finally becoming a licensed architect by sightseeing, going to high tea and, near the end of the trip, spending a couple of days sitting on a beach in the Mediterranean. [...]


Earlier this month, Trish (Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity) invited book bloggers to participate in A Day in the Life, a snapshot of life at the moment tracked throughout a single day. I decided to track my day on Monday, March 23 -- a day that ended up being a pretty average, if rather [...]


Three Things: Podcasts in My Earbuds

Three Things is a new occasional series where I’m planning to write about – gasp! – things that aren't actually books. It’s based on a blog I’m a big fan of right now, 27 Good Things, where interesting people share three things to read, watch and use. I’m hoping it’ll be another way of sharing the stuff [...]


Nurture | One Little Word 2015

One year later, and I think what I said about the idea of One Little Word still rings true: Anyone who is a bookworm knows that words have power. Words matter and the words we choose in our lives can make such a difference in how we see the world. This is my second year [...]


#AMonthofFaves: My Backlist TV Binges

A Month of Favorites is a December-long celebration hosted by Andi (Estella's Revenge), Tanya (Girl XOXO) and T (Traveling with T) to highlight the best bookish and non-bookish experiences throughout the year. I haven't really been participating up until now, but the topic today -- open for five favorite of anything -- was too tempting [...]