Currently | Settling In

August 3, 2014 Uncategorized

Currently, I’m sitting on my couch, looking at my partially-arranged living room, imagining how I’m going to arrange all of my books around the tv. Yesterday was our big move day, which went amazingly smoothly thanks to the generosity of family and friends. The house is still a disaster, but it’s quiet and cool and […]

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July 2014 Reading Wrap-Up and Look to August

July 31, 2014 Monthly Review

Whew, I can’t believe July is over. It feels like a crazy busy month, what with my birthday and traveling and signing a lease on a new rental house. I’m still sort of shaking my head and wondering how it went by so quickly. With all of that, I still managed to finish a ton […]

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On Liking, Not Loving, ‘Bad Feminist’

July 29, 2014 Book Review

I want to get on the bandwagon of people who have loved Roxane Gay’s debut essay collection, Bad Feminist (Aug. 5 from Harper Perennial), so bad that I’ve been tossing and turning my lukewarm reaction to the book around in my head for a couple of weeks, trying to figure out what I might be […]

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Currently | We’re Packing…

July 27, 2014 Currently

Time and Place // 9:50 a.m., for the last time at my desk in our current house. One week from today we’ll be in our new place! Eating and Drinking // Blueberry Greek yogurt and blood orange cinnamon black tea Reading // I spent most of this week reading How Star Wars Conquered the Universe by Chris Taylor (Sept. 30 from […]

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Reviewletts: Immigration and Murder, the CIA and Spies

July 22, 2014 Book Review

I have a shelf on my desk where I keep books that I’ve finished but haven’t reviewed. There are several books that have been sitting there for a month or more that I keep meaning to review… and then can’t find much to say about despite having generally good feelings about them. In the spirit […]

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Currently | We’re Moving!

July 20, 2014 Currently

Briefly // The boyfriend and I are moving! We signed a lease on a new rental house last weekend and are gearing up to move into the new place on August 2. It’s quick, trust me, I know. I’m not sure what that is going to mean for the blog over the next month or so, […]

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Nonfiction Recommendation Engine: Bananas and Presidents

July 17, 2014 Nonfiction Recommendation Engine

The Nonfiction Recommendation Engine is a semi-regular feature in which I offer personalized book recommendations based answers to a short list of questions. My real hope with the series is that other readers will jump in with recommendations in the comments, making each post a great resource for nonfiction reads.  One of my friends from high […]

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Thoughts on Two Trilogies I Loved Reading

July 15, 2014 Book Review

This set of mini-reviews is a little different that others — I’m going to talk about two recently-completed trilogies that I’ve enjoyed since the first books came out. The first is a YA fantasy series where the magical elite, the Grisha, manipulate matter down to the very atom to summon and mold the basic elements in […]

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Currently | Festival Weekend

July 13, 2014 Currently

Briefly // Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes on last week’s Currently post. I had a nice day off on Monday and a generally chill day on my actual birthday, Tuesday. Twenty eight is gearing up to be a good year. Time and Place // About 8:45 a.m. at my desk. This weekend is our […]

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Giveaway: ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ by Katy Butler

July 11, 2014 News and Notes

On Wednesday, I shared a post with three books on the business of death. After the post went up, Katy Butler, author of Knocking on Heaven’s Door, contacted me about doing a giveaway of the book here at the blog. I loved the book (here’s my review from last September) and think the book should get […]

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