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This is a list of books I’ve completed in 2015. The links below go to lists of books finished by year. Information on my occasionally used rating system is at the bottom. Links go to posts where I wrote about, sometimes a full review, sometimes a short review, or sometimes as part of a larger discussion.

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  1. Mayer, Marissa: Scarlet (YA fiction, audiobook)
  2. Meyer, Marissa: Cress (YA fiction, audiobook)
  3. Yanagihara, Hanya: The People in the Trees (fiction)
  4. Meyer, Marissa: Winter (YA fiction, audiobook)
  5. Taylor, Sara: The Shore (short stories)
  6. Kaling, Mindy: Why Not Me? (essays)
  7. Watkins, Claire Vaye: Gold Fame Citrus (fiction)


  1. Vowell, Sarah: Lafayette in the Somewhat United States (nonfiction)
  2. Knisley, Lucy: Relish (comics, memoir)
  3. Kaufman, Amie and Kristoff, Jay: Illuminae (YA fiction)
  4. Stewart, Cameron and Tarr, Babs: Batgirl of Burnside, Vol. 1 (comics)
  5. Parker, Mary-Louise: Dear Mr. You (essays)
  6. Yousafzai, Malala and Lamb, Christina: I Am Malala (memoir)
  7. Park, Patricia: Re Jane (fiction)
  8. Beaton, Kate: Step Aside, Pops (comics)
  9. Meyer, Marissa: Cinder (YA fiction, audiobook)


  1. Hepola, Sarah: Blackout (memoir)
  2. Bardugo, Leigh: Six of Crows (YA fiction)
  3. Murphy, Julie: Dumplin’ (YA fiction)
  4. Cho, Zen: Sorcerer to the Crown (fiction)
  5. Kwan, Kevin: China Rich Girlfriend (fiction)


  1. Freeman, Hadley: Be Awesome (essays)
  2. Ferrante, Elena: My Brilliant Friend (fiction)
  3. Mandel, Hilary: Wolf Hall (fiction)
  4. Brower, Kate Andersen: The Residence (nonfiction)
  5. Kolaya, Chrissy: Charmed Particles (fiction)


  1. Tahir, Sabba: An Ember in the Ashes (fiction, audiobook)
  2. Keating, Joe and del Luca, Leila: Shutter (comic)
  3. King, Stephen: 11/22/63 (fiction)
  4. Aaron, Jason and Dauterman, Russell: Thor: Goddess of Thunder (comic)
  5. Phillips, Helen: The Beautiful Bureaucrat (fiction)
  6. Luna, Jonathan and Vaughn, Sarah: Alex + Ada, Vol. 2 (comics)
  7. Luna, Jonathan and Vaughn, Sarah: Alex + Ada, Vol. 3 (comics)
  8. Walters, Jess: Beautiful Ruins (fiction)


  1. Lee, Harper: To Kill a Mockingbird (fiction)
  2. Cline, Ernest: Armada (fiction, audiobook)
  3. Groff, Lauren: Fates and Furies (fiction)
  4. Leovy, Jill: Ghettoside (nonfiction)


  1. Yoon, Nicola: Everything, Everything (YA fiction)
  2. Freeman, Anna: The Fair Fight (fiction)
  3. Gawande, Atul: The Checklist Manifesto (nonfiction, audiobook)
  4. Cocks, Heather and Morgan, Jessica: The Royal We (fiction)
  5. Ansari, Aziz: Modern Romance (nonfiction, audiobook)
  6. O’Malley, Daniel: The Rook (fiction)
  7. Brennan, Sarah Rees: Unspoken (YA fiction)
  8. Oates, Joyce Carol: The Lost Landscape (memoir)
  9. Stevenson, Bryan: Just Mercy (nonfiction)


  1. Johansen, Erika: The Invasion of the Tearling (fiction)
  2. Tamaki, Jillian and Mariko: This One Summer (comic)
  3. Gee, Allen: My Chinese-America (essays)
  4. Koerner, Brendan: The Skies Belong to Us (nonfiction)
  5. Riordan, Rick: The Red Pyramid (young adult)
  6. Stevenson, Noelle: Nimona (comic)
  7. Soule, Charles: She-Hulk, Vol. 1: Law and Disorder (comic)
  8. Soule, Charles: She-Hulk, Vol. 2: Disorderly Conduct (comic)
  9. Atkinson, Kate: A God in Ruins (fiction)
  10. Finkel, David: Thank You for Your Service (nonfiction)
  11. McDermid, Val: Northanger Abbey (fiction)
  12. Krakauer, Jon: Missoula (nonfiction)


  1. Gooch, Brad: Smash Cut (memoir)
  2. Battles, Matthew: Palimpsest (nonfiction)
  3. Addario, Lindsey: It’s What I Do (memoir)
  4. Stevenson, Noelle: Lumberjanes, Vol. 1 (comics)
  5. Stevenson, Noelle: Lumberjanes, Issues 5 – 8 (comics)
  6. Daum, Meghan: The Unspeakable (essays)
  7. Simison, Graeme: The Rosie Project (fiction)
  8. Dean, Margaret Lazarus: Leaving Orbit (creative nonfiction)
  9. Palfrey, John: Biblio TECH (nonfiction)
  10. Wilson, G. Willow: Ms. Marvel, Vol. 2 (comics)
  11. Whitehead, Colson: Zone One (fiction)
  12. King, Lily: Euphoria (fiction)
  13. Johansen, Erika: The Queen of the Tearling (fiction)


  1. Pilon, Mary: The Monopolists (nonfiction)
  2. Thurston, Baratunde: How to Be Black (memoir)
  3. van den Berg, Laura: Find Me (fiction)
  4. Kwan, Kevin: Crazy Rich Asians (fiction)
  5. Bissonnette, Zac: The Great Beanie Baby Bubble (nonfiction)
  6. Moore, Erin: That’s Not English (nonfiction)
  7. Hadfield, Chris: An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth (memoir)
  8. Suma, Nova Ren: The Walls Around Us (YA fiction)


  1. Fathi, Nazila: The Lonely War (nonfiction)
  2. Vaughn, Brian K. and Harris, Tony: Ex Machina, The Deluxe Edition, Vol. 1 (comic book)
  3. Hawkins, Paula: The Girl on the Train (fiction)
  4. Jonathan Luna: Alex + Ada, Vol. 1 (comic book)
  5. Carey, Mike: The Unwritten, Vol. 1 (comic book)
  6. Morris, James McGrath: Eye on the Struggle (biography)
  7. MacLaughlin, Nina: Hammer Head (memoir)
  8. Kondo, Marie: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (nonfiction)
  9. Gawande, Atul: Being Mortal (nonfiction)
  10. Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi: Americanah (fiction)
  11. Ferguson, Mark Andrew: The Lost Boys Symphony (fiction)
  12. Hall, Sandy: A Little Something Different (fiction)


  1. Crummey, Michael: Sweetland (fiction)
  2. Rappaport, Helen: The Romanov Sisters (nonfiction)
  3. Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi: We Should All Be Feminists (essay)
  4. Bergman, Megan Mayhew: Almost Famous Women (short stories)
  5. Mackrell, Judith: Flappers (nonfiction)
  6. Durrow, Heidi: The Girl Who Fell From the Sky (fiction)
  7. Rubin, Gretchen: Better Than Before (nonfiction)