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Review Policy

Updated March 2014

Thank you for your interest in pitching a book for review consideration at Sophisticated Dorkiness. Below you’ll find a relatively detailed outline of what types and formats of books I accept, how I promote my reviews, and my contact information. I encourage you to check out my About Me page, and my Review Archive for a taste of who I am and what I enjoy.


I love being pitched books for review, but I only respond to pitch e-mails for books I want to accept. I do not review every book I accept. Each book is accepted for review consideration.


As of March 2013, I have decided that I will ONLY accept pitches for nonfiction books. I love fiction, but I need that part of my reading life to remain free from obligations.

I generally enjoy literary nonfiction (on almost any topic), essays, memoirs, “straight” nonfiction (media studies, cultural studies, some science, feminism, politics, language, and journalism, mostly), and travel narratives.

Again, I will no longer accept pitches for fiction. I also, for the most part, DO NOT accept self-published books for review.

Book Formats

I accept ARCs for review, but I am also happy to wait for finished copies of a book. I can accept egalleys in a variety of formats, but avoid books that are available only on one platform. I do not exclusively blog about new books, so would be happy to consider backlist titles if they’re available.

I write honest reviews, so if you send me a book I’m going to write what I think. However, I take pride in trying to understand what an author was trying to accomplish and sharing that with my readers, even if it didn’t work for me. Not every book I dislike is bad, and I try to be honest about what I didn’t enjoy so my readers can judge the book themselves.

Blog Stats

I can provide more specific blog stats if necessary, but in general I get about 4,500 unique visitors a month and have about 700  followers via Feedburner. I also have more than 1,900 followers on Twitter. You can learn more on my About Me page.

And in Return?

I would love links to my review from author of publicists websites, and am open to having quotes used in publicity materials – just please let me know. Please also attribute all quotations to Kim Ukura and include a link to the review.

Contact Information