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Today’s the big day when BookClubSandwich will be chatting about Jael McHenry’s book The Kitchen Daughter. I managed to finally finish the book over the weekend while on a road trip from Madison to Morris and back to find a house for Boyfriend, Hannah, and I. Fourteen hours in the car leaves plenty of time for reading (and napping).

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The wait is almost over! BookClubSandwich, the online book club I host with Andi (Estella’s Revenge) will be discussing The Kitchen Daughter by Jael McHenry exactly one month from today.

I haven’t started the book yet, but that’s because it’s on my Nook and Crusoe (the name of my Nook) is currently en route to Qatar with my friend Erin, who is traveling to an international science journalism convention. When Erin and I hung out on Thursday, she told me she didn’t have any books packed for her extremely long flights, so I offered for her to take Crusoe, which is loaded with books (including this one!). By the time Crusoe gets back, he will be more of an international traveler than me! But maybe that’s appropriate, given his namesake.

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The votes are in and it looks like BookClubSandwich will be reading The Kitchen Daughter by Jael McHenry for our next selection. The Kitchen Daughter won by a pretty wide margin, getting 10 of the 21 votes cast in our poll. This also the first fiction book this online foodie book club will be reading, which is exciting!

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Last week I asked for some suggestions for foodie fiction that could be options for the next edition of BookClubSandwich, the online foodie book club I co-host with Andi (Estella’s Revenge). We got a lot of great suggestions — both fiction and nonfiction — that I trimmed down to five choices. Below is the list, plus some info about each book, and a poll at the bottom to vote.

Share Your Favorite Foodie Fiction

by Kim on April 20, 2011 · 39 comments

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Others might disagree, but I don’t think a book that’s foodie fiction necessarily has to have recipes or even be about cooking. However, food does have to play an important role in the story — it needs to mean something to the characters or have a role in moving the plot along. For our next pick, I want a book with lush, delectable writing, stirring characters, and a story that’s made for sinking your teeth into.

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I’m excited to tell you that BookClubSandwich, the online bookclub for foodies and wannabes, has picked our third book — The United States of Arugula: The Sun-Dried, Cold-Pressed, Dark-Roasted, Extra Virgin Story of the American Food Revolution by David Kamp.

For a little background, BookClubSandwich is an online book club I host with the lovely Andi at Estella’s Revenge. We’ve been around since last June, and so far have read Coop by Michael Perry and Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. The discussions all happen online, and it’s open to anyone who is interested in reading some great (we hope) books about food.

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Welcome to the online discussion for The Jungle, hosted by BookClubSandwich: An online book club for foodies and wannabes. Andi (Estella’s Revenge) and I are both glad you’re here.

The discussion format is pretty simple – I’ve included my thoughts below in a sort of review – there are a bunch of discussion questions as well. The comments section is open for responses and discussion – responding to each other as much or more than responding to me – and there’s a Mr. Linky to add your own reviews. The discussion will take place all week, and Andi will have a wrap-up of the discussion next Monday.

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This is just a quick reminder post that BookClubSandwich, an online book club for foodies and wannabes, co-hosted by me and Andi of Estella’s Revenge, will be “meeting” online next Monday, November 8 to read Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle.

On Monday I’ll put up an initial post with some thoughts, discussion questions, and a Mr. Linky for your reviews. You can post your thoughts anytime that week, then Andi will do a wrap-up post on Monday, November 15.

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This is the wrap up post for the first edition of BookClubSandwich, an online book club for foodies and wannabes. Andi (Estella’s Revenge) hosted the discussion on Michael Perry’s book Coop at her blog starting last Monday, and it looks like we had quite a few people participating which is awesome.

I, unfortunately, didn’t get to chat as much as I wanted to because of The Move and the fact that we didn’t get our internet hooked up until Sunday. It’s hard to blog without the web.

But, I loved Coop! And I loved all the things people had to say about the book. Here are some of the things I wish I’d been able to write/say, with some of my commentary sprinkled in (links go to reviews of Coop).