Post image for Review at Book Riot: “Priceless” by Nicole Richie

When I was doing some blog maintenance last week, I came across an un-posted “review” that I wrote soon after finishing Priceless (Yes, I did actually read the book!). Rather than let more than 1,100 words of bitter sarcasm go to waste, I turned the review into a post over at Book Riot that went up yesterday where I talked about the Not So Great Expectations Book Club and my thoughts on reading Richie.

My Writings on the Interwebs

I recently finished a story for work about the redesign of the Perkins Brailler, a product that hadn’t been redesigned since 1951. I think this article turned out well.

I also did a freelance piece of Readers’ Advisor News about Book Blog Basics for Librarians. A big thanks to Sarah at Citizen Reader for helping me set up this story, and Jenn at Jenn’s Bookshelves for being interviewed.