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Oryx and Crake started out really slow for me. Whether that was my reading slump or a fault of the book, I couldn’t tell you, but the first 100 or so pages felt like they dragged. There is quite a bit of setup to the story, which on most days wouldn’t seem slow, but in the middle of a reading slump seem tedious. In order to show how Crake became the mastermind of some sort of crazy world, you have to start with Jimmy and Crake as kids, and that part of the story is really more about setting up what kind of society these characters are functioning in.

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What It’s About: In Other Worlds is an exploration of Margaret Atwood’s relationship with science fiction – from her first reading and writing attempts as a child through her studies at Harvard and culminating in her work as a writer and reviewer. The book collects Atwood’s lectures, reviews, and other writing on the topic together in one book.


I am happy to report that I finally got over the reading slump I wrote about last Sunday, and actually finished three books this week.

Despite finally getting over my slump, I probably won’t get a lot of reading done today. My book club is meeting to discuss The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood, and then right after that boyfriend and I are heading to our wine tasting group. It should be a fun day, even without a lot of reading.

Last Sunday Salon I mentioned that I was hosting the wine tasting group I’m a part of, WASTED. The theme for the night was “Wine and Literature,” so everyone brought a wine that went with a particular book passage. There were a lot of good wines, and it was fun to listen to everyone read their particular book passages.

We started out with a Guenoc Victorian Claret, a red wine that I picked out because the wine shop employee told me it was the kind of wine that characters in a Jane Austen novel would drink. It tasted a bit like tobacco and cherry, pretty good.

Happy Sunday, everyone! November finally came to Madison, and although we didn’t get any snow like my family did back in MN, it’s been dreary, cold, and damp for the last few days. I think I must have some minor case of Seasonal Affective Disorder because I’ve been feeling pretty lethargic and out of sorts the last few days.

But I hope some great reading will cheer me up. I’m all caught up with a readalong of The Odyssey, so I’ll be posting my thoughts on that tomorrow, I hope. And after getting some opinions about how to read for the rest of 2010, I decided to focus first on books borrowed from other people. If I get done with those, I’ll switch to review copies and get to start out 2011 sort of caught up.

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One Sentence Summary: A “frenemy” seems to come back from the dead, taunting the three women who’s lives she already tore apart once.

One Sentence Review: I love everything I’ve read by Margaret Atwood, and this book is no exception.

Why I Read It: Just because I really wanted to.

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