Bingo Winners Announced!

by Kim on August 4, 2009 · 17 comments

After visiting the wrap up posts and tallying the counts, I’m excited to announce the winners for Blog Post Bingo. There are two winners — one person who completed all 12 posts will receive a $10 e-gift certificate from The second winner, chosen randomly from all entrants simply gets featured and praised here in […]

Blog Post Bingo Entries

by Kim on July 25, 2009 · 8 comments

Lately, I’ve been sort of pathetic at actually blogging about the Blog Improvement Project tasks I’ve been coming up with. But not so with Blog Post Bingo, I actually got quite a few posts done! The best part of it was having the motivation to get a couple of more in-depth posts I’ve been thinking […]

Book Reviews as Bread and Butter

by Kim on July 24, 2009 · 43 comments

This is a post that’s been in my head for awhile, so forgive me for linking back to posts I read in March. Back then, Amy (My Friend Amy) asked readers if she should keep reviewing books because her last two book reviews hadn’t received any comments. There were many great comments on her post, […]

How to Make HTML Tables

by Kim on July 23, 2009 · 22 comments

I’m no html expert, but I like to dabble in it occasionally to see what I can figure out. One of the coolest things I’ve learned is how to create tables for my blog. I love being able to add tables because it can keep pictures and text lined up, something my OCD personality really […]

Harry Potter: The Musical?

by Kim on June 24, 2009 · 4 comments

My friend Alex (who blogs over at Film Misery) posted about Harry Potter: The Musical, a production developed by the students at the University of Michigan. You can follow this link to watch parts of the show on YouTube. (I can’t embed code on my blog right now, so you’ll just have to follow the […]

The BIP Week #11 project was to dissect some book reviews by the numbers. I was (and still am) excited about this idea, but so far response has been pretty low. So I decided to extend Week #11 one more week — you now have until Friday, June 19 to complete it. BIP #12 will […]

Oh man, am I excited for this week’s BIP topic! This week’s task is a content analysis of book reviews to get some info about reviews. How long are they? How personal are they? How many paragraphs does the average book review have? By comparing book reviews written by bloggers to reviews written by professionals, […]

First of all, I have to announce the winner of my Draw-a-Comic Mini-Challenge. With 24% of the vote, the winner is The Brain Lair! Congrats, and send me an e-mail so I can get you your e-gift certificate! Every comic got at least a few votes, and the top three comics were very close. I […]

Read-a-Thon: Early Evening Update

by Kim on April 18, 2009 · 14 comments

Well, my alleged break ended up not actually being a break. I got a little food and called Boyfriend about evening plans, but then the idea of commenting on all the Read-a-Thon blogs took over and I went back to commenting like a madwoman. I’ve now been to 142 of the 192 blogs at the […]

My Comic!

by Kim on April 18, 2009 · 14 comments

Here’s the comic I came up with for my mini-challenge! Enjoy the PSA