5 Reasons Why E-Books Aren’t There Yet by John C. Abell in WIRED

I love a lot great discussion points about e-books in this article, but my favorite paragraph has to be this one:

It may be all about vanity, but books — how we arrange them, the ones we display in our public rooms, the ones we don’t keep — say a lot about what we want the world to think about us. Probably more than any other object in our homes, books are our coats of arms, our ice breakers, our calling cards. Locked in the dungeon of your digital reader, nobody can hear them speak on your behalf.

I want to just pull out this quote every time anyone in my family makes a comment about the growing size of my bookshelves!

Katherine Rosman has a new column in the Wall Street Journal — her first is titled “The Dance of Marriage: Who Does What?” and discusses how couples balance the various tasks in a marriage.

The Atlantic figured out the identity of the man behind the @MayorEmanuel Twitter account, and did a profile of him. I loved this section that compares to Twitter to older forms of storytelling.

The Digital Story of the Nativity

by Kim on December 24, 2010 · 7 comments

One thing that’s been interesting to me lately is the way that digital media is changing the way we can tell stories. Sites like Facebook and Flickr and Twitter or even personal blogs give people space to tell their own stories. And storytellers like journalists can use these same spaces to tell stories in new ways.

I think that’s why I love this video — The Digital Story of the Nativity — so much. Times change and the way we tell stories can change, but there’s still something fundamentally awesome about a good story that can stand up to these changes, and even be enhanced through news ways of storytelling. I think that’s pretty cool.

Shout-Outs from “Ms. Dorkiness”

by Kim on August 27, 2010 · 19 comments

The whole blogging and publishing space is new for everyone, so it’s inevitable that there will be missteps and mistakes. But getting a bad pitch often reminds me of just how many publishers and publicists are doing a great job of working and interacting with bloggers.

To get back some karma after pointing out a negative, here’s a not-at-all-comprehensive list of a few people and organizations that I’ve seen doing good things to connect online.

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Post image for How to Be a Book Blogger and a Fabulous Grad Student

A few weeks ago I eavesdropped on a Twitter conversation between Nymeth (@Nymeth) and Aarti (@aartichapati) where both were concerned about how they’d fit blogging into their schedules after they start grad school in the fall.

I started my blog just after I graduated from college and immediately started grad school in the fall, so in the almost two years I’ve been blogging I’ve been a student pretty much the whole time. Here are a few tips about how to make it work.

Social Media Carnival (BIP Week 5)

by Kim on March 14, 2009 · 11 comments

Thank you to everyone who submitted posts for the Blog Improvement Project Social Media Carnival. We have post on a whole variety of topics, so feel free to scroll around and learn more about social media that’s interesting for you. Some Overviews Margot at Joyfully Retired wrote an excellent post pointing out the uses of […]

Thanks to everyone who participated in Week 4 of the BIP where we worked on blog basics. It was nice to take a little break and work on some things that I needed to do around here. I hope everyone else felt the same. Because I love alliteration, March is going to be Social Media […]

My brain finally shifted into school mode this week, which was a welcome change to the lethargy and apathy I’d previously felt.  However, I was lazy for so long that I’ve spent the whole week catching up without much time for anything else.  Hence, we’ll have an abbreviated edition of Journalism Friday. There were a […]